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The Exercise Prescriber is an essential clinical tool for health professionals who routinely provide home exercises and information advice for their clients

Our online exercise software is ideal for Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Doctors, Orthopaedic Consultants and Exercise Physiologists.

Not just another exercise prescription tool... uniquely we enable you to:

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Quick Smart

Our online exercise prescription tool is so easy to use. Quickly send your exercises in seconds, in just 3 simple steps... Search, Select and Send. Try it for yourself.

Clinical Governance

Empower clients with online information about their musculoskeletal condition and provide easy to follow exercise instruction. Improve adherence, clinical outcomes and client satisfaction. See for yourself.

What do your stick man diagrams and old fashioned exercise print outs say about you?

Great in the 80's, okay in the 90's, but now the world has moved on. Show your clients you embrace current treatments and concepts, and show your competition that you mean business. View a sample.

Telephone Triage Services... the missing link.

You've embraced MSK service redesign but you're still mailing out line drawings. Save your postage costs, improve adherence and outcomes. Give your clients a chance to perform exercises safely and effectively. Give them narrated video clips and information pages about their condition with exerciseprescriber.com. Take a free trial.

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The Good Back Guide allows you to provide your clients with all they need to know about caring for their back in a slick e-book presentation. View here.